Interactive Technology Strategies is a consulting and professional services firm dedicated to helping you to drive innovation and use it to build and manage the technological relationship with your most important asset - your customers.


Technology is changing faster and reaching farther than it ever has before. It is now integral to most all of your critical business functions including your most critical customer interactions.


Between the web, the rise of smartphone and now the explosive growth of tablets such as Apple's iPad, it is more critical than ever before that you have a unified, executable and measurable business and technology strategy that allows your customer to interact with your company in the way that is most convenient and productive for them.


With direct experience building and managing some of the highest profile and largest volume sites on the web, we can help you build an innovative and lasting technology advantage. Our experience includes business to business, business to consumer and major event coverage. We have deep experience in commerce for physical products, digital goods, professional services and  advertising based business models as well as building and managing emerging Software as a Service "SaaS" businesses. 


With a proven history of leading market changing innovation, we can help you to adapt your business to the constant challenges of todays rapidly changing business environment. Interactive Technology Strategies has the unparalleled skills and experience to help you design and execute this strategy all the way from your customer's direct interaction with the technology you provide back through your own internal organization.

What we’ve been working on lately
  • Advising one of the hottest new platform game concepts on strategy and direction
  • Serving as the Chief Strategist for a company creating a leading edge collaboration tool for the enterprise cloud storage marketplace
  • Assisting with technology and strategy for the latest innovation in online video advertising
  • Working with one of the countries leading journalism schools to develop a meaningful second screen experience
  • Joining the board of one of the most innovative technology companies in the quantified self movement

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